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When drummer Adam Fogerty sets off on his latest tour, the main aim of the lady-killer is to nail as many frauleins as he can get his claws into. The problem is, he fails to take into account “The Curse Of The Juju Bird Gods”. Theresa, the band’s vocalist finds four African statues. The half-bird/half-woman carvings represent tribal spirits. There is a legend attached, saying these spirits are protectors of Womankind. In this ongoing ‘battle of the sexes’ chauvinist Adam is a prime target for the retribution of the Bird Gods. Following encounters with a selection of females, a series of mishaps befall the stud. Adam puts the events down to a bout of bad luck. “If I fell in a barrel of tits, I’d come up sucking my thumb.” However, Steve, the Mixed Race Peruvian/Scouse roadie, suggests that maybe their lives are in the hands of the Gods. It takes a horrific comeuppance to make Adam change his sexist ways and realise, though he seeks sex and debauchery, what he needs is love and a meaningful relationship. Set in the 70s, references of the period particularly musical, weave their way throughout, seeking to provide comforting nostalgia to those familiar with the times and a humorous insight to those that aren’t. 

"A bit raunchy, but bloody funny!"       EH




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