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Bass player, Jimmy McCann, was taught by nuns, in particular, Irish Sister Hilda, giving him a loathing of Irish, Roman Catholics. "If they wanted us to believe in miracles, why didn't Angel Gabriel make Joseph pregnant?" However, his girlfriend, Marie is a Catholic and her despotic Irish mother is the image of Sister Hilda. When Marie gets pregnant, her God and her mother forbid abortion. So at the end of the West German tour, in order to avoid going back to England to face fatherhood and Marie's mother, Jimmy joins up with two Austrians on their way to Zurich and invests in their designer jean venture. However, when they reach the Swiss border, he discovers they aren't Austrian jean salesmen but Albanian gunrunners. Jimmy is arrested and accused of being Irish and a member of the IRA and it is suggested the guns are for use against the British soldiers in northern Germany. This is where he learns to face up to fatherhood or suffer The Wrath of Marie's God Almighty.




Are we in control of our own destiny or is there an outside force steering our lives? Scouse/Peruvian roadie, Steve Langton blames his absent father's Inca God, Atahualpa, for all the rubbish that happens in his life. Growing up Mixed Race in the 60s, Steve has experienced his fare share of racism. Not until his thirties does he realise the irony of getting a gold star in the infants for collecting most money for the Black Babies. In his usual quirk of circumstance, Atahualpa forces him into the path of an overtly gay coach passenger. When he is accosted by Frank Skilbeck Steve attacks him with an heirloom, his father's Inca dagger. He kills him. It is presumed the murder is a result of the passenger's homosexual advances, but we discover Skilbeck is a figure from Steve's early life of depravity. In Prison, the racism is even worse than he's ever suffered. He has plenty of time to reflect on how, once again, Atahualpa, God of Fate, has led him down the path of devastation.




         LEGEND TWO



In the beginning there was the word; and the word was God. God made Heaven and Earth and sent His Only Son down to Earth to give Man the Word. But Man rejected the Word and put God's Only Son to death. On the third day, God's Only Son rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. Here, he will sit on the right hand side of the Father, on the Day of Judgement.


      Beware Vengeful Deities

            LEGEND THREE



Atahualpa was Chief of the Inca civilization. The Incas believed that the Sun was God and Atahualpa was the Son of God, sent down to Earth. The Sun God provided everything for the Inca. He controlled their fate. The Inca worshipped their God of Destiny until the Spaniard Pizarro executed Atahualpa.


     Beware Vengeful Deities



Drummer Adam Fogerty sets off on his latest tour, the main aim of the lady-killer being to nail as many frauleins as possible. However, he fails to take into account "The Curse Of The Juju Bird Gods". Theresa, the band's vocalist finds four African statues. The bird/women carvings represent tribal spirits. There is a legend saying these spirits are protectors of Womankind. In this ongoing 'battle of the sexes' chauvinist Adam is a prime target for the retribution of the Bird Gods. A series of mishaps befall the stud. Adam puts the events down to a bout of bad luck. "If I fell in a barrel of tits, I'd come up sucking my thumb." However, Steve, the Mixed Race Peruvian/Scouse roadie, suggests that maybe their lives are in the hands of the Gods. It takes a horrific comeuppance to make Adam change his sexist ways and realise, though he seeks sex and debauchery, what he needs is love and a meaningful relationship. Set in the 70s, references of the period particularly, musical, weave their way throughout, seeking to provide comforting nostalgia to those familiar with the times and a humorous insight to those that aren't.



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